Marriott is one of the worlds premier hotel brands, and its Web site is one of the top 10 eCommerce destinations. As the Interactive Design Manager at Marriott, I worked on several key projects, including:

Made critical modifications to proposed redesign and worked closely with the developers to complete the project on time.

iPhone App

Designed and developed an iPhone app prototype, which would eventually be used as the basis for the final product.

Vacation Planner

Led interactive design on product allowing users to quickly find resorts based on location, activity, and number of reward points.
iPhone App
Vacation Planner

Aspen Institute

The Aspen Ideas Festival — presented by the Aspen Institute and The Atlantic magazine — is a week-long summer university for the mind, presenting remarkable lectures and classes across a stimulating array of topics. For their 2011 event, The Aspen Ideas Festival wanted to retool their web site to better focus on the presenters and presentations.

The Aspen Ideas Festival approached Forum One with a proposed architecture and design for the revamped site. As the User Experience Lead, I was able to recommend improvements that increased long term versatility of the site and user engagement. We then worked to develop the site, deploying it in a modern content management system and using the most up to date best practices for user experience design.

Aspen Ideas Festival

B7 Media

B7 Media produces and develops a number of audio programs and television shows in the UK, most notably relaunching the British cult classic TV show Blake's 7.

B7 Media Home

B7 Media required a site that was part portfolio and part eCommerce engine. I was able to create and develop a site that reflected the futuristic nature of its media holdings.

Blake's 7

As part of the show's audio revival, B7 Media required a site that would help engage the current fans and help promote the show to a new generation. I was able to catch the excitement of the space opera while updating and refreshing the look.

B7 Media
Blake's 7


I have been writing books about digital media since 1996, with over a dozen different books and editions published on Web design, Photoshop, and Final Cut Pro. You can find a full listing of all of my books on

CSS3: Visual Quickstart Guide

Now in its 5th edition and translated into over 6 languages, this best selling book on web standards is used in classes throughout the world.

Fluid Web Typography

I wrote the first book to tackle the new realities of web typography. I also did the interior layout and illustrations for this book, but did NOT do the cover.

Speaking In Styles:
The Fundamentals of CSS for Web Designers

A book about CSS written by and for designers. I not only wrote this book but did the interior and cover design as well as all of the illustrations.

CSS3: Visual Quickstart Guide
Speaking in Styles
Fluid Web Typography


I've written fornumerous online and print publications, including a weekly column in The Independent Newspaper of London and Computer Arts Magazine.

Creative Pro

I've been working on a series about Web typography, updating my work in Fluid Web Typography.


I've been working on a series about CSS3, updating my work in CSS3: Visual Quickstart Guide.

WebDesigner Depot

I wrote several pieces on Web design philosophy, including 5 Pet Peeves Developers Have with Designers and 5 Pet Peeves Designers Have with Developers.

Creative Pro
Web Designer Depot


I have been blogging on a regular basis for several years on my own Web site, JasonSpeaking, but a little over a year ago I was invited to contribute to Wired's GeekDad blog. GeekDad focuses on the family life of geek culture and how to thrive with kids.

Full List of my GeekDad Blog Entries »

My favorite articles include:


CSS3 + HTML5 = Your Future

How Web pages are designed is changing — rapidly. Styles that once could only be accomplished by kludging together graphics are now easily achieved using pure code. Part of being a great web designer is understanding the medium you are designing for, recognizing its weaknesses, and pushing its strengths. Understanding this balance is also core to creating web sites using the philosophy of progressive enhancement, a web design philosophy that says that pages don't have to look the same in every browser, they just have to be usable.

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Presented at:

  • Web Visions — Portland (2011)
  • Web Visions — Atlanta (2011)
  • Web Visions — New York (Coming in 2012)
CSS3 + HTML5 = You Future

The NEW Web Typography

2010 was the year of web typography—the year new technologies came online that will forever change the way information appears online. As the dust settles from the advances of web fonts and CSS3, a new style of web typography is emerging. It is one that reflects print origins, but is also experimenting with the unique strengths of online communication. Learn about recent advances in technology through case studies at the boundaries of online typography. See how to use the new web typography to set your work apart from the rest of the herd.

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SlideShare Top Presentation of the Day — 27 October 2011

Presented at:

the NEW Web Typography

Trust me, I'm a Designer

Design serves one purpose and one purpose only: to gain the trust of its intended audience. Whether the need is for clarity or to obscure information, design is a tool we use not to convey information, but to present that information in a way in which the viewer will perceive as confident and competent. Once that basic line of trust is established, it is only then that design can clearly work to help turn data into knowledge and knowledge into understanding. In this session, I presents the 9 rules of trust for design, and look at how they can be applied to improve any design.

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SlideShare Featured Presentation — 7 October 2011

Presented at:

  • IVMG (2011)
  • Web Visions — Barcelona (2012)
Trust Me, I'm a Designer