Marriott is one of the worlds premier hotel brands, and its Web site is one of the top 10 eCommerce destinations. As the Interactive Design Manager at Marriott, I worked on several key projects, including:

Made critical modifications to proposed redesign and worked closely with the developers to complete the project on time.

iPhone App

Designed and developed an iPhone app prototype, which would eventually be used as the basis for the final product.

Vacation Planner

Led interactive design on product allowing users to quickly find resorts based on location, activity, and number of reward points.
iPhone App
Vacation Planner

Capital One

Capital One is one of the largest credit card and bank companies int he United States.

While a Creative Director at Capital One, I directed the design of several projects, including work on new ways of dealing with overdraft protection, Online Account Opening, and helped develop a new banking account product for teenagers.

Capital One Online Account Opening

Solar Energy Industries Association

The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA®) is the driving force behind solar energy and is building a strong solar industry to power America through advocacy and education.

As the Creative Director, I worked with my team to completely overhauled the existing design in line with new brand standards. We developed a fresh, modern, and inviting site, making use of lighting effects and transparency to reinforce the nature of the agency. Additionally, the site was created to be fully responsve so that it could work on all web enabled devices.


Yuris Night

Yuri's Night celebrates the anniversary each year of first person in space, Yuri Gagarin, on 12 April 1961.

I served as the Internet Strategist for Yuri's Night from 2003–2013, helping to take the event from a few parties, over 250 parties world wide by 2013, including events in Antartica and on the International Space Station.

Yuri's Night

Aspen Institute

The Aspen Ideas Festival — presented by the Aspen Institute and The Atlantic magazine — is a week-long summer university for the mind, presenting remarkable lectures and classes across a stimulating array of topics. For their 2011 event, The Aspen Ideas Festival wanted to retool their web site to better focus on the presenters and presentations.

Working with the client, my team and I created a proposed architecture and design for the revamped site. I was able to recommend improvements that increased long term versatility of the site and user engagement. We then worked to develop the site, deploying it in a modern content management system and using the most up to date best practices for user experience design.

Aspen Ideas Festival

One Sky (formerly Half The Sky)

One Sky has worked since 1998 to make sure that every child knows her life matters to someone. Step by step, we are helping China to reimagine its approach to child welfare.

As a creative Director, my team and I worked to create a visually warm and rich design, that reflected the culture of China without becoming clichéd. We also worked closely with the client and developers to stand up a community within the site, allowing parents to communicate and share experiences.

One Sky


I have been writing books about digital media since 1996, with over a dozen different books and editions published on Web design, Photoshop, and Final Cut Pro. You can find a full listing of all of my books on

CSS3: Visual Quickstart Guide

Now in its 5th edition and translated into over 6 languages, this best selling book on web standards is used in classes throughout the world.

Fluid Web Typography

I wrote the first book to tackle the new realities of web typography. I also did the interior layout and illustrations for this book, but did NOT do the cover.

Speaking In Styles:
The Fundamentals of CSS for Web Designers

A book about CSS written by and for designers. I not only wrote this book but did the interior and cover design as well as all of the illustrations.

CSS3: Visual Quickstart Guide
Speaking in Styles
Fluid Web Typography


I've written fornumerous online and print publications, including a weekly column in The Independent Newspaper of London and Computer Arts Magazine.

Creative Pro

I've been working on a series about Web typography, updating my work in Fluid Web Typography.


I've been working on a series about CSS3, updating my work in CSS3: Visual Quickstart Guide.

WebDesigner Depot

I wrote several pieces on Web design philosophy, including 5 Pet Peeves Developers Have with Designers and 5 Pet Peeves Designers Have with Developers.

Creative Pro
Web Designer Depot


I have been teaching, training, and mentoring people about UI design and internet culture for fifteen years. This includes conferences like SXSW, WebVisions, NEXT, MoDev, Macworld, Code Writers Workshop and others.

My favorite talks include:

Trust Me, I'm a Designer