Does your User Experience Team need HTML & CSS training? Does your Dev team need user experience training? Let me help you out.

As a member of the Rosenfeld Experts Group, I offer a variety of sessions, seminars, studios, and workshops that can be tailored to your organization’s needs.

Development for Designers

To do their best work, web designers need to learn the fundamentals of core web technologies. I can get them on the right track in just a few days of training.

Design for Developers

Developers often need to make quick judgment calls that impact user experience while coding. Empower your developers to create better interfaces by understanding and supporting the decisions made by your user experience team.

Storytelling: Prototyping the User Experience

I can help you think about not just how your site will look, but also how it will work. We’ll explore ways to quickly and easily prototype responsive and interactive designs that you can test before you commit to development.

Design Thinking: Experience Design for Trust

Rethink your design process around building trust with your customers and clients in this one day workshop.


Jason is available for keynote, interviews, and conference speaking on a variety of user experience and digital culture related topics. Please contct JasonSpeaking with any questions.


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