Jason designed the first web based magazine,  Computer Mediated Communications, in 1994 and has been at the forefront of digital innovation ever since.

He wrote the first book for designers on Cascading Style Sheets in 1996.

He was the lead designer on WebMD when it launched in 1998.

He created the first interactive comic book reader in 2006.

He wrote the first book on modern web typography in 2009.

Jason is now the co-founder and lead creative at The CranfordTeague Group, which specializes in digital communication strategies. He is also working on Invisible Jets, a start-up company that wants to revolutionize how we trust each other online.

Jason is finishing work on a new book, The NEW Web Typography, with Stephon Boss (Spring ’16) and writes regularly for Creative Bloq, but has written for several other print and online publications over the last 20 years. He’s lived in London off and on, Charlotte, Atlanta, Durham, and DC (not necessarily in that order) with his 3 cats, 2 kids, but just the one wife.

Contact Jason

Twitter: @jasonspeaking
Phone: +01.541.600.4422



Out of Print

  • Photoshop at Your Fingertips, 2nd edition
  • Photoshop at Your Fingertips
  • Final Cut Express Essentials
  • SVG for Web Designers
  • Final Cut Pro and the Art of Filmmaking, 2nd Edition
  • Final Cut Pro and the Art of Filmmaking
  • DHTML & CSS Visual QuickStart, 3rd edition
  • DHTML & CSS Visual QuickStart, 2nd edition
  • DHTML Visual Quickstart
  • How to program HTML Frames: Interface Design and Javascript