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I wrote a lot of articles in 2015, most of which I am very proud of, but I haven’t been keeping up with my blog very well. That’s all about to change. will be reposting the best of what I have posted elsewhere, along with new stuff I just want to talk about unfiltered.

I’ve spent the last few days retooling JasonSpeaking, taking an older design that was a bit ahead of its time, and retooling it for the modern age of experience design. That’s what you are looking at now (Assuming you are in a Web browser). I have redone the typography using Google Web Fonts (my old service is going out of business), and adjusting the pages for modern mobile devices. I’ve spent time balancing the typography, widths, and other factors, and think I have a simple but interesting design. Of course I will always be tinkering with it (that’s the nature of perfectionist designers) but I’m happy enough with what I have to put out this post.

In conjunction with my new business venture, Invisible Jet Studios (redesign of that site is ongoing), I’m excited to be starting a new chapter in my life, training, teaching, and talking about how to create effective experience design and the future of technology. Look for a new newsletter soon, along with more workshops and conference talks.

Speaking of which, if your company or organization is interested in having an informative yet entertaining talk, all you have to do is call (or email).