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CSS3: Visual Quickstart Guide by Jason Cranford Teague

CSS3: Visual Quickstart Guide

After months of research, coding and writing, my latest book—CSS3: Visual Quickstart Guide—is finally in shops and available for purchase online. This book covers everything you can do with Cascading Style Sheets today, including the latest advances in design and interactivity. This is a particularly exciting time to be a Web designer: we are about to get a whole new set of tools for our Web designs. This book will show you how the CSS3 capabilities ready for prime time (or soon will be) that will explode your creativity.

CSS3: VQS is a slim concise volume covers the breadth of CSS3, much of which remains unchanged since CSS2/2.1. If you are an old hat at CSS, Here’s a brief peak of the new material I cover in the book:

  1. Borders –  Border images and rounded corners.
  2. Backgrounds – Multiple backgrounds can be added to a single element, backgrounds can be more precisely positioned, backgrounds can be extended clipped to the inside or outside of a border and backgrounds can be resized.
  3. Color –Color opacity settings, gradients in backgrounds, and HSL color values.
  4. Text – Text shadows, text overflow, and word wrapping.
  5. Transformations – Scale, skew, move, and rotate an element in 2D or 3D space.
  6. Transitions – Simple dynamic style transitions.
  7. Box – Drop shadows, boxes can be resized by user, overflow can be set separately in horizontal and vertical directions, outline offset allows you to set space between the outline and the border and box model specifications allows you to set how width and height are applied to the box.
  8. Content – Styles used to add content to an element.
  9. Opacity – Elements can be transparent.
  10. Media – Ability to style pages based on the viewport size, color, aspect ratio, resolution and other important design considerations.
  11. Web fonts – Updates and extends the ability to link to fonts for use in a design.

The book also includes:

  • Compatibility tables showing the exact browser version each CSS property is compatible with
  • Quick reference tables showing all property values, their compatibility, and default values
  • Quick fixes for common CSS problems
  • How to organize and debug your code
  • 33 best practices for CSS

A support Webpage where you can download all of the code from the book

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