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It’s been a crazy busy few weeks for me as I finish up my new book CSS3 Visual Quickstart for Peachpit, but I’m really excited that in just over a week I’ll be presenting at the online event of the year for CSS: The CSS Summit. The summit is an online only event lasting from 9am–5pm Central Time (10am–6pm EST) brining together some of the best minds writing about CSS today to give you the inside scoop on Web design.

In addition to my own teachings on fluid web typography, you can hear:

  • The wonderful Stephanie (Sullivan) Rewis teaching the gospel of CSS and progressive enhancement.
  • My buddy David McFarland talking about CSS Animations.
  • The energetic Zoe Gillenwater helping you get effective and efficient design with CSS.
  • My sister from another mother, Desnise Jacobs helping you troubleshoot your CSS.

All of this for the low, low price of $149, and, if you act now, you can get a 10% (~$15) discount using the code CSSCRANFORDTEAGUE. You can also use the discount to get a meeting room ticket, getting 10% off the $449 price (~$45).

Wanna’ go? Of course you do, and I have two tickets to give away to two lucky readers.

How to Enter to Win Tickets

There are three ways to enter to win one of the two tickets.

  1. Follow @jasonspeaking on twitter and then tweet “I want to go to the #CSSsummit to hear @jasonspeaking»” .
  2. Follow @fluidwebtype on twitter and then tweet “I want to go to the #CSSsummit to learn @fluidwebtype»” .
  3. Add a comment at the bottom of this post with a link to a Web site that is using Webfonts (not using Flash or images) to create particularly inspiring typography.

Three ways to enter, and yes, you can enter all three ways once a day to improve your chances to win. The more you enter, the better your chances.

RULES: The contest starts at 12:00 PM EST, Friday, July 16th and runs through 12:00 PM EST, Tuesday July 20th. Winners will be announced later that same day. You have to be following @jasonspeaking or @fluidwebtype when the winners are announced OR have left a comment. This is the only way I will have to contact you. Only one entry per channel per day will be accepted. The judges decisions (mine) are final.


  1. Jason says:

    Post your Web typography inspirations here!

  2. I would, but I just found out the client broke the app, so there’s nothing to see.

  3. I’m using Webfonts and HTML5 for my german blog (so it’s styleless on IE) under

  4. Jonathan Gabriel says: – this site appeared on a lot of people’s radar on July 4 – it’s the Declaration of Independence using CSS3 and @font-face.

  5. Megan says:
  6. I plan to continue encouraging my webteam to embrace more and more CSS3 on a regular basis. Right now, we only have a few examples. And unfortunately they are in dev.

    Here’s one thats not ours though!
    font-family: ‘Port Credit’, Impact;

  7. Brian Hough says:

    This poster was the first thing that really showed me the power of CSS3 and Webfonts, beyond just better readability.

  8. IMO, the greatest site I know for inspiration in web fonts and using @font-face is FontSquirrel:

  9. LAFlasher says:
  10. Why, of course!

  11. Great typography with webfonts!!

  12. This is a good one, too! (except for the flashing when you hover over the name…not so much a fan of that)

  13. Jonathan Gabriel says:

    Here’s an interesting example of webfont usage, in Russian –

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