1. LibertyDude

    Well first, lets get your facts straight. Young earth creationists believe God created a “mature and functioning” earth and universe, not one that just appeared to be old. The purpose wasn’t to trick or deceive us, but to create a working system that would work immediately. If he created plant seedlings instead of fully grown plants, they would not yield their full power fast enough to sustain animal or human life. The same goes with Adam and Eve. They were not created as children, but as adults. Adam and Eve had no earthly mother to nurture them, so it was expedient that they were created as adults. Your science that you cling to is not provable any more than creationism. You believe in faith what the scientists tell you is truth, though they cannot prove it any more than I can prove a literal creation of the world and universe in 6 literal 24 hour days without turning to the Bible. Yet I believe it because God’s Word tells me so. I assume God exists and Is the Creator and most evolutionists assume there is not.
    If you don’t believe the Bible and you subscribe to the theories of evolution…do a study on the Cambrian Explosion and try to find all the missing fossils in the record BEFORE then. There are none. They don’t exist. The Cambrian Fossils just APPEARED out of nowhere and are fully developed species of animals. Explain that.Knowing what fossils to expect from what strata should make that relatively easy for you. Then ask yourself if you REALLY believe it is possible that we all came from pond scum, hopped up on dry land, sprouted legs,walked upright, grew hair and grabbed a banana, then turned into man. It is far easier to believe we were created by God in His image than to believe we just accidentally became what we are today. Even Darwin believed the human eye was a work of God, and not natural selection and evolution. Don’t take my word for it, look it up. He said to think it developed on its own was absurd. It is funny how people tout Darwin and don’t even know he believed in God.He was just trying to figure out How God did it.
    Back to the “looking old to trick us” part…How old does the bush in your front yard look? If you don’t have a bush, pick a neighbors bush out and tell me how old that one looks. Does your bush or your neighbors bush look any older or younger than the house it sits in front of? If you think it does…you have to have a reason or presupposition to establish the reasoning. If I make a piece of pottery the way native Americans made it 3 hundred years ago…you wouldn’t be able to tell how old it was. So how in the world could anyone tell someone else that God made the world “look old”, especially to trick and decieve us? It is nonsense. God made everything brand new in their “mature and functioning” state. He spoke things into existance and they appeared immediately and completely.
    If you want to, check out why time is slower (Atomic clocks at sea level) when exposed to greater gravity, as opposed to time moving faster when at higher elevations. (The same atomic clocks used at both locations.) This has been tested repeatedly and is always the same scenario. Then think about light speed which is constant and time which is relevant to gravity. Deep space time moves MUCH faster than earth time when you put gravity into the mix. Also do a search on stopping and reversing light…and even slowing it down. Scientists have done it in the lab. It’s pretty common knowledge now. Also look at how many scientists are challenging the evolution and big bang model now. So many people try to disprove God and creation, and even when they come across things that point to Him, they either deny or try to hide the evidence or avoid the topic. I just want people to give as much reasoning to the Word Of God as they do the word of man. Step outside the humanist box and challenge God to show up and make himself real in your life. Challenge yourself to study against the secular grain and see what will come of it. What do you have to lose if it is all speculation and we all were just an accident anyway.

  2. I find you final argument (question?) intriguing: “What do we have to lose if it is all speculation and we were just and accident anyway?”

    If you believe in self-deception as a way of life, then nothing at all.