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Obama On Space Exploration

This video has been floating around for a while, but if you haven’t seen it, you should. Obama is sounding positively Kennedyesque when talking about the future of space exploration. Unlike Bush, though, he’s painting a positive and peaceful picture of humanities future.

If anyone knows of a similar video of McCain talking about NASA or his vision of space exploration, I’d like to see it. McCain was a pilot. Surly he has definitive views on this topic.

Welcome to the New wE

The Intersection.

There are a lot of great blogs that deal with technology, culture, and politics, even some that deal with all three. Although webbedENVIRONMENTS (which I will often abreviate as wE) hopes to join these blogs and go bit further, not only keeping you up-to-date with what’s happening in the progressive world, but also considering where events and trends will leading.

Over the next several weeks, I’ll be bringing in new writers, new ideas, and -hopefully- new readers. I’ll be posting some long entries and a lot of shorter ones.

If you have a story in the intersection of technology, culture, and/or politics, please send it to me at Jason(a)webbedENVIRONMENTS•com.

Something’s Gotta’ Change

Bio Tech takes over by ~clownphobia on deviantART

I’ve been working on webbedENVIRONMENTS for almost 12 years now. Long before there were “Blogs” I used this site as a platform to re-publish my own articles about the Web, explore advanced design concepts, and get feedback on my books. A few years back, I decided I wanted to start blogging about technology, culture and politics. Despite a few posts about tech, space, and space-exploration, I haven’t done a great job of following my own mandate.

For the most part, I needed a place to talk about my profession and primary concern in life: Web design, specifically CSS. So, you will find plenty of articles about the W3C, typography on the Web, and why Internet Explorer sucks, but nothing about the U.S Congress, technological singularity, or why George Bush sucks.

That’s all about to change.

I now have a new Web site which will be devoted to exploring Web Design and CSS: Speaking In Styles (www.speaking-in-styles). This site will be specifically targeted at designers wanting to learn the language of Web design. Speaking In Styles will also be the title of my next book on Web design, which I am currently (feverishly) working on. While writing the book, I will be using my new site to test ideas and look for feedback from all of my friends (and a few enemies).

So where does this leave webbedENVIRONMENTS?

With the US Presidential election fast approaching, I feel compelled to express my views and invite open and honest discussion about the issues that will affect our future. To do that, I will be returning to my goal of using webbedENVIRONMENTS as a platform to talk about the intersection of technology, politics and culture. I’ll be fleshing out more details in a future post, but for now, you will begin to see more editorial posts, possibly a few other bloggers, and some tweaks to the site design and features, eventually leading to a full redesign.

If you are a Web designer who comes to webbedENVIRONMENTS to learn the latest about CSS, never fear. Just point yourself to Speaking In Styles. It will still have all of the articles about the W3C, CSS, and Web Typography.

Regardless of your political or philosophical stripes, I hope you stick around webbedENVIRONMENTS and jump into the debates.

This is going to be fun.